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* Friday, December 16, 2005 *

ok i'm here to revive this blog of ours...

firstly, hi everyone, hope everyone's enjoying their hols without scary things like projects and quizzes and horror of horrors, profs.

secondly, we shd go catch a movie. just like the good old times of that salahuddin show which i cant rem the title but i do rem the uninspiring line of "let them come!" and edmund (or is it ray)'s idea of throwing bak kwa and kway chap at them. anyone wanna watch pride and prejudice, perhaps love (it has takeshi kaneshiro!!) or chronicles of narnia?

and thirdly, i must say EDMUND I MISS YOU. more so if you bring back krispy kreme doughnuts for me. ok make that since i said i miss you, u better bring back my krispy kreme doughtnuts. i really miss you! see ya back real soon!

ok that's it..


jiahuiiii sprinkled with curry powders11:04 PM

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