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* Wednesday, March 30, 2005 *

ya hey peeps, i havent thank u all for leaving me to mug MA while u all went to watch howl's moving castle. THANKS MAN. anw, f u must know, praise the gods for i did not fail my MA as i predicted i would. i got a surprising 68%. yahoooooo.

soccer this saturday nite?

Charlton v Man City

Birmingham v Tottenham
Crystal Palace v Middlesbrough
Man Utd v Blackburn
Liverpool v Bolton
Arsenal v Norwich
Southampton v Chelsea

Newcastle v Aston Villa

jiahuiiii sprinkled with curry powders3:10 PM

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hey people.
haven blogged here for the longest time. anyway, how are all of you doing?
hmm. i meet ray alot and LN abit. the last was the show "Howl's Moving Castle".
harhar. you 3 guys still as lame as ever. hmm.
anyway i just had MA test and finished marketing presentation.


two more weeks, all of you take care ok? :)

.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders12:38 AM

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