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* Thursday, September 30, 2004 *

happy 21st bday Edmund!! =)

jiahuiiii sprinkled with curry powders1:06 AM

* * * * * * * * *

* Monday, September 27, 2004 *

YES!! WEEK 8!!!
gosh i just want this week to be over.
its been nothing short of a nightmare so far.
maybe it'll be capped by me kenna chased after for a report i was supposed to do n email to gavin by last fri, kenna booted out from my FA grp for not doing my part, finding out i got a C for my comms writtenh assignment n individual presentation, kenna screwed upside down inside out for LTB, failing my QM midterms, and finally, crashing the car during driving lesson.
u know, i may not be surprised if all that really happens. it is so possible la.

i feel like just crying out loud man. curse the comp till it listens to me.
i need my break.

hope all of u are doing fine thou =)
anna, don fret over that stats test liao eh..
ln, gd luck for the stats in-class assgn on wed..
ed, gd luck for biz law mids
ray, uhm.. uhm.. dunoe la. ahahaa.

jiahuiiii sprinkled with curry powders10:44 PM

* * * * * * * * *

PeepZZ!!!! Wk 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


edmund sprinkled with curry powders9:49 PM

* * * * * * * * *

* Sunday, September 26, 2004 *

hey LN..

can i just start by saying that i dont think u've done anything wrong. i think what u did was so sweet too. it was really thoughtful and sweet, at least from what i read and what u told me.. yeah sometimes things r just not meant to be, even if its 4 years..

actually i dont know if "things are just not meant to be" is a good comment. im not good at giving advice, esp in the area of romance.. so i just let u know that u are not alone.. never alone. if u need a listening ear.. i cant guarantee good advice but if ever u need to just say something without any interruptions or sth like that, i'm always here. then again, if u need anything, i'm always here la =)
i believe u are strong n can handle this and all that.. just wanna tell u that i admire the way u handled yourself on fri..

stay cool..

jiahuiiii sprinkled with curry powders10:35 PM

* * * * * * * * *

Tough Time Don't Last

Tough Men Do

Yo bro, suffering from some stitches now, but u'll last the long run.


edmund sprinkled with curry powders4:56 PM

* * * * * * * * *

Hey LN, i just read what you wrote and i don't think you made anything wrong.Well, unless caring for your overseas gf is a crime, den well, you're not committing any crime.

And i'm very touched at how sweet you are to her. You see, you always claim that you're not romantic but please re-read what you wrote. Umm i guess you already know this but i'm going to say it again.

If you are not happy in a relationship, then maybe it's time to break away from it. If you are meant for each other, you guys will eventually end up together. I mean, seriously, if it's taking a toll on you -- den parting ways is better.

And yeah! i"m so impressed by your courage and honesty. I mean i won't be able to do that la.FOur years of relationship . But then again -- i don't think i can tahan a guy for four yrs. See i'm a bitch and you're the best!!!

ask everyone here.


And he's definitely one of our best friends!!!


.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders3:51 PM

* * * * * * * * *

Popz to all...

Hey guys, just wanna say thanks for the concern wrt my breakup with my girlfriend. I guess it has been coming for some time, and at the end of the day, I guess I'm just not the man we thought I was.

Maybe just to let y'all in on the details of it a little bit. I'm proud to say my ex and I had a wonderful relationship. Not exactly hong hong lie lie, but we understood each other very well. But inevitably things changed after she went over to Perth. Communication was a big part of our relationship (and should be a big part of any relationship I guess) but circumstances did not exactly permit us to communicate a lot. Calls were expensive, we couldn't really talk over the Net coz her school had a cap on the amount of data she downloads a day. So we only talked to each other for a short while everyday. It turns out that sometimes you have so much to say till you don't know what and how to say, and end up just not saying anything much. A bit hard to understand, but it was like that.

Our problems really amplified themselves on her birthday on Sept 5th. Her birthday was also incidentally our 4th anniversary together, so you can imagine how much I wanted to be the first one to wish her a happy birthday and a happy anniversary. I thought about it the whole week and planned like how I'd try to beat everyone else who would call/sms her to wish her a happy birthday by calling her from 11pm the previous nite. She had 2 hp and one rm phone and she picked up none. I gave up calling at about 2am, and went for more than a couple of beers in my disappointment.

I figured the next day that it wasn't really her fault considering a) it was her birthday and she was enjoying herself with her friends and b) it was probably my fault coz I built up the expectation myself. When you try to give someone a surprise, sometimes it just doesn't work out the way you want it to. I thought maybe it's just one of those things.

Last week, she went on a trip with her friends to South Australia, and before she left, I gave her specific instructions that she didn't have to call me coz calling on her hp is expensive, but she had to just sms me every night and lemme know she was ok. Well it happened on the first nite, which was great, but her msg never came on the 2nd nite and I got really worried. She is usually quite responsible in this respect. At about midnite I gave up waiting and decided to call her. I called and called but she never picked up, so I ended up waiting up the whole nite for her msg.

It never came. I finally managed to contact her in the afternoon the next day and told her I was worried sick. Turned out she was already asleep by 1am and was having so much fun with her frens, she was tired and just fell asleep. I really felt like an idiot waiting up the whole nite for one lousy msg, so needless to say I didn't react very kindly.

For the rest of the week I didn't really want to tok to her, but on Sat I felt quite bad about the way I was avoiding her, so when I woke up I decided to call her early at nite so we can just chat the nite away. Again, I think it's a building up of expectations thing, coz it was all I could think about the whole day and I thought she'd really be surprised and appreciative.

Again, it never happened. I called all over the place but she didn't pick up. I was just so so sad. I couldn't understand why every time I try to give a little extra into our relationship it never works out. I ended it there and then by msging her it's over.

I spoke to her later that nite after I left Chinablack and she accepted that we lidat continue also bu shi ban fa. She has a good social life over there and a life she needs to experience without me holding her back. It was a lot easier on my side in the sense I knew she had this guy friend over there who is treating her wonderfully, and with me out of the way maybe she can be with someone who can take care of her and shower her with the care and concern that I cannot provide.

Now on hindsight, I think all this is my fault. I brainfucked myself literally out of our relationship I guess. Maybe y'all might think what I did was stupid, and a part of me tells me I'm going to regret this so much in the future. But I hope this doesn't make you think any lesser of me.

I'm tired now. And once again, thanks for the concern.


Blue Nanchakus sprinkled with curry powders1:52 PM

* * * * * * * * *

* Saturday, September 25, 2004 *

Hey people!

Ok..i had a fun time at chinablack just that i'm very very sore that you guys din let me drink.Boohooo!!

Anyway, Ln!! I hope you're alrite. Really. Don't worry. All of us love you,But somehow i feel you can actually go through this yourself. YOu're a rational person. Haha. Oh well. But if you ever need any one..we are always around=)

And yesh, i'm going to get frunk tonight.haha. I need to get high, to get drunk and wasted.haha. I'm a loser la.Anyway,...next week ed's bday. what say you guys if we stay back on day to celebrate?haha.

And week 8..let's get wasted!!

and i'm not studying for stats and FA. So screwed.argh,

.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders11:27 PM

* * * * * * * * *

Yo yo...... Looks like everybody going through some kinda rough shitty patch hur hur. Expecially you huh LN bro........ Knowing you, I know you will go through these shitty times without much difficulties. But in case you need someone to drink, talk, or whatever just dial 96661706 alright. Coz sometimes its really good to just blurt out whatever shit that your bottling. Oh yah..... Forget one thing..... Please dont dial my number if you need someone to f$%^....... Wahahaha though we are suck c*#k buddy.......

Cheerios All.......

~~Ray~~ sprinkled with curry powders6:07 PM

* * * * * * * * *

* Thursday, September 23, 2004 *

hey all.. havent been posting here for quite some time.. am really really burnt out.

anw.. to reply u all..

anna> i also want my leg to heal leh! its much better now.. doesnt hurt as bad but its still not fully recovered. oh yeah i saw the email to ask us to get the soccer gear.. hmm i dont feel like spending the money to get the gears leh. bahhh.

edmund> im also trying not to post. in fact i got quite fed up with scroozy that i pm her to ask her to slow down wahahaa (in a nice way of cos).. then the following day, my rating drop from 5 to 3 stars WAHAHA. not that i care a lot abt it but i find it quite comical.. lol.

ln> im all for going out on saturday. im wayyy too sick of all the books (although i got 2 assgns n qm midterm next week.. man its my hell week next week!)..

ray> u sheep.. its "one for my master one for my dame".. tsk tsk waste my effort teaching u the nursery rhyme on wed!

okaez anw.. miss ya all. esp anna n edmund! havent really seen a lot of u 2 around school leh.
hmmm acty i cant go on le. my head is spinning n hurting. tmr still got FA meeting! grp with xr is gd lah, but stress. high expectations.
i think im falling sick. my throat burns.
take care peepz..

love ya'll lots
(that definitely beats "fuck y'all" rite)

jiahuiiii sprinkled with curry powders10:42 PM

* * * * * * * * *

Hey guess what?

1) the tri-challenge is still so long...and i thought it's tmr.
2) our futsal is next week.
3) Ray and LN i miss u you two and living with u guys.hAHA
4) ok....please take a deep breath!


hahaa....yeah...i miss you all.i love you all.argh.

.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders9:45 PM

* * * * * * * * *

Hey guess what?

1) the tri-challenge is still so long...and i thought it's tmr.
2) our futsal is next week.
3) Ray and LN i miss u you two and living with u guys.hAHA
4) ok....please take a deep breath!


hahaa....yeah...i miss you all.i love you all.argh.

.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders9:45 PM

* * * * * * * * *

Bah bah black sheep, have you any wool?
yes sir, yes sir, three bags full.
one for my master, one for my niece(correct???)
and one for the little boy that lives down the lane.

Woot....... Hell week over. Happy like bird...... Im loving it......... Its feel so good just not to think about anything and just go all out doing some self cultivation stuff. Morning class was a drag, waste the reamining daylight on sleep and evening was reading the new novel which JH intro and maybe jogging later, midnight would be "Finding Nemo". Woot....... This kinda life rocks to the core.

Anyway......... I regard this entry as a spam....... Wakaka...... So just ignored it hur hur.
Bah....... Im cranky once again......

Fuck y'all...... Woot. Thats how blacks greet down in the streets. So much better than the conventional wassup....... Kekeke......

So fuck y'all.......

~~Ray~~ sprinkled with curry powders8:01 PM

* * * * * * * * *

* Monday, September 20, 2004 *


I’m sorry for not blogging for so long. My lappie is spoilt as all of you should know.I cant blog, so I use word to type den I paste in on the blogging thing and QUICKLY post it to prevent the page from finishing downloading. Don’t understand? Next time I demo for all of you.

Yea just an update about me. Umm I’m not really feeling well now. Since thurs been vomiting and diarrhea-ing. Think sth’s seriously wrong with me. But oh well…I’m a strong gal, ritey? *chorus right together*

Anyway, I’m sorry if I have been extremely whiny or moody okies?It’s just that I’ve been having two rough weeks. I mean nothing’s easy but no one tell me it’s gonna be this hard. I hope you all know what I mean.

And yes I do miss all of you. Don’t even get to see you guys in school

Ed: I haven’t gone to the forum for a very loooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnngggggggggggggg time.

Ln: I’m ok with it BUT I dunno if I can go cuz I may be going out with my guy frens.

Ray: everyone’s stressed rite?haha..

JH: faster heal and go for soccer together.

And lastly, futsal and netball is this week Friday. See u guys.

Oh and I’m running for Sailing in the tri-challenge. Think I’ll just be the last.Waahhaa,=)

.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders1:02 PM

* * * * * * * * *

* Sunday, September 19, 2004 *

Yo Ed,

I post once in a while only... Wah lau eh, some of these kids siao wan... really post nonsense sia...

Anyway peepz, I'm proposing we watch a movie this Saturday, considering we haven't really gone out for a long time except for dinners... How bout on Sat we catch a movie (any one since I haven't watched any damn thing...), then after that we can makan then watch soccer/mj?

Chao pampers, today si beh hot sia...


Blue Nanchakus sprinkled with curry powders7:15 PM

* * * * * * * * *

Eh peepz... how come i never see u pple post on ementors... i only seen ln's nick posting hardware stuff, jiahui's account cannot view the threads right...

Hm what about the rest?

I think really damn diff. to bring in the kids loh... i think i'm guilty of posting too much. sheeze... maybe i shall stop posting for a wk.

edmund sprinkled with curry powders1:26 AM

* * * * * * * * *

* Friday, September 17, 2004 *

hahaha, what's up with u and ur friends, ln?! U guys change sexual orientation ah...

I need to sweat. I played floorball on thurs, although we booked a place in the semis already, i have to say it's great playing in a competitive environment. Shiok~... will be continuing with this floorball game. so much to learn. i feel like screamin'... letting all the sch stress out. ROAR!! RAR!! AR!!

tmr... got training... shioK~... on a sidenote, i can't wait for futsal to come... Let's Play BALL!!

haven't been meeting with u guys. wk 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok. i'm getting cranky. gimme MY break.

edmund sprinkled with curry powders11:48 PM

* * * * * * * * *

Ok I'm gonna admit it... I went to a lap sup bar on Wednesday nite. Why lap sup you ask? Coz it's a freakin bapok bar lah...

I didn't want to, it was supposed to be a nite of good clean fun with my camp mates coz it was my friend's birthday. It started off clean as we went to Devil's bar. Devil's bar on Wed is quite hap leh, we should go try sometime, term break or something...

But damn, my frens had to change the damn place and walked across the road to Orchard Towers into some lap sup bar. Dammit, the place was crawling with bapoks lah! (On a side note, damn, some of them really si buay chio lah!)

Chao pampers man, the moment we went in the damn bapoks were all over us lah... Thankfully I siam fast enuff... I was pinched twice, and I couldn't shake 'em off so I quickly went outside and waited there.

Then on my way to the toilet, dammit there was these 2 bapoks who spotted me, then one of them tried to push his/her fren onto me. Chao pampers, lucky I step brake fast enuff. The damn bapok missed me and langah on a shop's shutter! I quickly siam and went into the toilet. I used a cubicle, for my own safety's sake!

Wah lau, really wanted to scream man... lucky after quite a while my frens realised I went missing and found me outside... then we decided to call it a nite, coz my other fren was being molested inside. Bright idea to go there in the first place man...

Wat issit with me and bapoks man... I seem to always have stories about them... Sheesh...


Blue Nanchakus sprinkled with curry powders4:40 PM

* * * * * * * * *

* Thursday, September 16, 2004 *

Guilty of not blogging here for a while already hur hur.......

Still having the same life, same room, same bed and same underwear. Hence, to inject some novelty into this mundane life, i dipped my small head into a small bucket of shit to stain my hair. Taa daa......... Hence my Ah Beng head now...... Bahahaha........ Thats the reason why i did it. Coz i just felt bored on a Sunday morning.

Actually its quite tough to have two blogs at the same time. Coz its hard to write when the ideas had already gone dry on the previous blog. So now im having what i call the Bloggers Block.

Im going cranky peepz...... Give me a gal....... Wahahaha...... I need it.

Anyway i just spot another new "Vegi" in our campus. She got pink streaks on her hair. Woot...... Dont know why SMU always popping out new "Vegi" everyweek.

By the time, John Doe reads this entry. I could have already submitted my IS 200 individual assignment. Woot...... One done and more to go.......

Please dont question your intellect when you cant comprehend this entry. Coz i cant too......

~~Ray~~ sprinkled with curry powders10:53 PM

* * * * * * * * *

* Tuesday, September 14, 2004 *

I know Ray has written about this in his blog but I buay tahan, I also wan to write about it. This Ray is da best man, wait until Creative Thinking when our bloody lecturer is a bloody Singh, had to say Singhs wear pampers for turbans!

I must say we are not racist in any way but it was a seriously farnie joke lah. The worst part of the whole thing was that I was dying to burst out in laughter and roll on the floor but there we have our blue turbaned professor yapping away smack in our face and we didn't want to be rude, so we can't laugh, but we can't help imagining a real pampers sitting on his head!

I was dying of internal bleeding lah. The best part is dear Ray decided to ditch me and went out on his own to laugh outside, leaving me to withhold my laughter in class alone! When he came ack I tot I ok liao, dammit, the moment I saw him I started to snigger again. And we were sniggering and sniggering we just couldn't stop! Every body vibration and every sniffle brought a whole new round of sniggering. We sniggered so much the ppl in front of us thought we were mad!

Yeah Ray I am still laughing about it too, and it's all your fault! Hahahahahaha....


Blue Nanchakus sprinkled with curry powders7:22 PM

* * * * * * * * *

* Sunday, September 12, 2004 *


I'm so tired now. I think i eat too much.I seriously have a problem.I cant seem to stop putting things inside my mouth.And i successfully rid all the food in my refrigerator,which means that i have to stock up.

How are you guys?been seeing lesser and lesser of everyone =(

I'm still the same old me -- cranky bitchy and irritable.With a dose of laziness.

Yeahh...I just ate ginger chicken and now..mushroom pizza.I cant stand it.Can someone please register me to the WEIGHT WATCHERS or something?

Hey by the way, our recess is on the eighth week and i was thinking if you guys wana go out on the 2/3rd whiever is saturday.Or sunday.I know i have FA exam on the saturday but i wana go sentosa again.


Oh no ray Ln!I cant believe that we didn't play any when we were living together!argh! I'M VERY SORE ABOUT THAT!

And yesh, so what do you all say about mjg and sentosa? Yipeee...

Miss all of u!

.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders11:56 PM

* * * * * * * * *

HurraYY!!!... i succeeded in thinking of 2 ideas... one for my CT individual project and one for my CT group project!!!.........I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!.... yes, i almost hit a bleak spot in my 1 mth studies, but... thanks to my dad and my brother... who developed my original idea further.. i'm so pleased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Calls for a celebration!!!

no more further worries...

a happy kia.

edmund sprinkled with curry powders10:59 PM

* * * * * * * * *

my friend just told me that she dropped out of school le. someone from my og. i am indeed quite shocked, although she has told me that she was thinking of dropping out of school. but now that she has really quit school.. i cant accept it initially. that was abt 20 mins ago. i was like "stop kidding".. it took me some time for the seriousness of the message to sink in..

and im saddened by the news. she's a really great person. someone who listens really well, gives good advice and looks out for lost sheep like me. really sppreciated her efforts n enjoyed her company during pow wow and all our subsequent og activities. i'm sure gonna miss her.

i feel like crying leh. dunoe exactly why. partly is because of her and partly is because of something else that i cant fathom. its just a sudden surge of emotions n a sudden urge to cry u know?
maybe its just pms.

jiahuiiii sprinkled with curry powders1:45 AM

* * * * * * * * *

* Saturday, September 11, 2004 *

So I guess everyone knows by now I'm putting up at my aunt's place at Bishan. How am I adjusting? Beautifully I must say. I think part of thereason why everything has been seemless is that my aunt's family is a modern, but traditional and chinese family. It's funny, but chinese families seem to welcome relatives a lot more with arms wide open. Strange but true.

Wanna know why I speak like I do with Hokkien and Chinese all over the shop? Actually it's a choice. Back in Secondary School I couldn't speak a proper sentence of Chinese. I took my PSLE higher chinese and I sucked at it so bad that I only managed to pass. In secondary school when I got B3 I thought I struck toto. I was doing theatre and everyone spoke English.

So how oh how did my verbal skills deteriorate to such an extent? Well, depends how you look at it, I dun think that it's a step back. I realised in Poly that good linguistics must include being able to converse at a level that can be easily understood. English can sometimes give a very patronizing feel whereas Chinese and Hokkien can be so much more qing1 qie4.

And so I speak Chinese all the time now at my aunt's house. You know the best part of it all? I realised I can really talk to my aunt. Actually I dun tok much, but rather I listen to my aunt. I dunno, must be the lack of a parent for too long, I enjoy listening to her tell stories. I think she enjoys telling them too because her family members are always so busy, so she hardly gets to talk, and I mean really talk to them.

My aunt is such an incredibly simple person, her life revolves around taking care of her family. The house is spotless, the clothes are washed and pressed daily and she makes sure there is fantastic food sitting on the table for every meal. Yet, when she tells her stories, there is such warmth and enthusiasm in her voice, like finally she found someone she could talk to. I enjoy being there just to listen to her stories, which are actually all very simple stories like bargaining with the butcher or dealing with an errant cousin of mine. Yet these stories kinda just fill me with warmth in a way I can't describe.

So now my favourite night time routine is to go to the kitchen and geh keh find some bread(truth is I need it lah, dunno why since I move in 12 plus I always damn hungry...), then my aunt will come by and she will tell me not to eat plain bread then take out ham lah cheese lah and make a sandwich for me. Then we will sit there in the kitchen and just talk. It's... nice.

I guess the point of all my rambling is I guess we're all lucky to have family with us. Treasure them. Try it, someday just try to watch tv or something with the family and just tok cock... It's like a forgotten past time in our outrageously packed lives. Also, try it in Chinese, somehow it's more qing qie...


Blue Nanchakus sprinkled with curry powders10:21 AM

* * * * * * * * *

* Friday, September 10, 2004 *

hey peepz..

i finally went to see a doc abt my leg. its safely in a wrap now. haha sounds like a sandwich no? anw i can take off the wrap by tmr evening so u wont, WONT catch me in school looking like a bai ka. haha.
oh yah, the best guess the docs gave was la1 dao4 gen1.. they cant really deduce also. lemme relate something funny.

doc: *massages n prods* here pain? there pain?
me: no.. no.. YES!
doc: where is the pain?
me: my leg lor.. *points out the exact area*
doc: is muscle pain or bone pain?
me: *gives bewildered look* huh? i dunoe?

oh well it was comical. like one chicken n one duck talking.
and i was given orders to stay off all sports for at least the next 1 - 2 weeks. ahh.

now can i complain abt sth else? u guessed it.. QM!
bahhh. im feeling dumb over it. apparently the help session didnt help me much! bahhh. sighhh~
mid terms coming.. work hard dearies.

love lotsssssss~

jiahuiiii sprinkled with curry powders11:36 PM

* * * * * * * * *

Harloe =)

I just woke up,in an especially good mood cuz finally i can sleep late.yipeee.I slept so much,like 11 hours?I need it,i have sleep debt.I need 10 hours of sleep every day!!Haha.

Oh and i'm eating ham and bacon for breakfast before going to school for the international day costume thingy.I think i will wear this very ridiculous costume with very weirh headress.But it's oK! Haha.Oh yesterday i went for supper and had two cheese banana prata.SUPER DUPER NICE!

How're you guys.esp Jiahui and Ed?Haven't really seen you two.

And guess what?I told you guys about the to bitches right?FUCKING ASSHOLES! I'm still pissed off with them. They said i'm irresponsible,lazy and has bad attitude!Hello? NO one spend an hour and the half to do one sub Qn!And it's only a minor case study presentation.Basket! To think i actually tried to be nice and apologised.


Haha.That felt good.Ok if that isn't enough, let me tell you.I'm having a meeting on SUNDAY from 10-3 with them.Feel ike asking them to go to hell.And yest even saturdays i have compulsory meeting at 10-3 for LTB!

Haii.Without you guys,i think i really don't know how to keep sane.I wana start a 'BITCH' Club.And we ostracise all the bastardly people around.Haha.

Ray: You are so full of crap,but funny ;)

.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders10:54 AM

* * * * * * * * *

Bah....... 0830 classes suck so bad...... It suck my mojo....... I am a walking zombie by mid week. Seriously contemplating of moving to my aunt's apartment in Toa Payoh....... It would be so god damn nice....... Sigh~~ But its not that convenient as lotsa females running about in the house. Bah....... Endure Ray, endure........

Week 4 over pals........ Death knell sounding....... Really time to wake up, Ray. No more slacking or mummy gonna give some spanking.

Got a weird dream last night. Dreamt of some swordsman fighting like some "Gong Fu" flicks in my dream. Hey, some heads got plucked off in the dream. Bah...... My sub conscious must be quite cock to dream of this kinda stuff...... Bah........

Its 1 am over here in the eastern side of Singapore. And a kiddo blogging some nonsensical crap in a blog of five......... Bah...... Too tired to even blog some legitimate sentence in here...... Bah......

Signing off, Ray........ ZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzz........

~~Ray~~ sprinkled with curry powders1:40 AM

* * * * * * * * *

* Thursday, September 09, 2004 *

wow, today had an AS meeting. it was maciam a debate session. haha... everyone talking... pretty like the fiery verbal attacks at one another. must be mediator to point them to the right direction though. if not will kill each other liao.

MAN... i need a break... i need to go out of the house... eat good food and play mahjong or whatever crap... go east coast to feel the sea breeze or something. i'll go nuts soon.

Biz Law, BGS, and the CT thingy... killing me... my brains are racking everyday on a BLANK SLATE. and guess what, it's still blank!... wonder if i can be awarded some points for managing to crap on my blank state slate.

Hhaa, another time to crap.

edmund sprinkled with curry powders11:48 PM

* * * * * * * * *

* Wednesday, September 08, 2004 *

Eh Anna,

You silly girl... Let this be a lesson to you sia... lost this lost that... lucky the girl is kind enough to return you the phone! Now got black and white... PPL!!! ANNA SAY SHE WILL TREAT ME ANYTHING I WAN!!! Muahahaha... now you can't run away!!! Gua gua gua...


Blue Nanchakus sprinkled with curry powders1:08 PM

* * * * * * * * *

* Tuesday, September 07, 2004 *



I lost my camrea,my specs and now...ta-dah!! my beloved phone.

please clap for me!~~

.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders11:25 PM

* * * * * * * * *

hmmm just came back from my marcomm meeting and guess what i saw on the train? curry powder with potato! and its male cp and female potato. and the curry powder is the black kind u know? the ones u see in curry powder land. i was quite surprised!
oh no i shouldnt be so mean right? but i dont mean anything bad la, just that i've never seen that kinda r'ships before and since we are all lovers of curry powder, i just thought i'd share this with u all!

anna> there are like little pale yellow stars dividing posts.. just tt its not very clear. but i don tink its possible to change tt rite? since they come with the template and all that..
ln> take it easy dude.. bound to meet ppl like this one..
ray> i just talked to liqin today! hahaa.. so qiao.
edmund> im looking for ptbf le! hahaa. kidding..

hmmm really thank goodness for u peepz.. if nt i would have gone insane by now! *mUaKz* =p

jiahuiiii sprinkled with curry powders1:13 PM

* * * * * * * * *

Forgive me guys, I need to kao peh about this stupid girl I have to work with for me Analytical Skills Project... Curry powder can be bad... until you meet this sng buay man...

Fucked up lah... and I'm not going to make any effort to sensor it... Stupid beyotch... We've been dragging on settling on our topic thanks to her... Last week we meet liao tot settle liao, then this stupid beyotch say wan to change. Fucked up, then lidat meet for what? Ok fine... so I tried to help coordinate and ask the others... KNN the others also fucked up, keep ding dong here and there... CCB!!!

Never mind, today after AS class ask them again to settle on the topic... this beyotch never give suggestion then keep saying this one dowan that one dowan... Then out of nowhere suddenly say," Aiyah y'all decide lah, I anything one, I got to do my other project now..." Then turned away and worked on her laptop... KNNBCCB... Eh, sng buay, YOU GOT OTHER PROJECT LIM PEH DUN HAVE AH!!! Si peh rude leh! Ppl trying to discuss now right? Ni nao hia, complain so much dowan to gibe suggestion then wan to do your own project, wan me to hantam ijjit... Aku sepak eng ka kau...

*Whew* Suddenly feel this blog quite a good sounding board ah...


Blue Nanchakus sprinkled with curry powders11:26 AM

* * * * * * * * *

Hey guys.

Guess what?I'm so tired.Just rushed through my letter.Argh.I'm beginning to hate school

I hate the fake-ness,the endless hi-byes, the stupid mugging and yadah yadah. I hate the fact that everyone's participating just for the sake of doing so. I hate the politics and the popularity game.

I hate going to school to attend lessons where you just sit coldly with some people who you stuck with for 6 months and yet,they are gonna remain as strangers.


So i skipped my stats class again, this is like my 4th time skipping class. the guilt os dwindling down. I feel it lessr and lesser already.Haha.

See you guys tmr! Dinner?Me and Ln are OK.

.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders1:41 AM

* * * * * * * * *

Hi peepz, i just came back to my home!

woke up 7am today... so... i clocked more than 17hrs liao
i'm amazed by my energy levels.

LN> aiyah, endure... wahaha... i think u're just unlucky... but remember... *always look on the bright side of life... *... *whistles*....

6 hrs a day, 7 days a wk. pls gimme the strength to carry on. i hope u guys have the strength too... Dec Hols we party like mad ok? that's our reward... but after 18 dec hor. cos i going to cambodia. wahahhaa... save some party time for me ok?

Meanwhile, let's mug!!! and hope for a better tmr (long term: better future)

Take Care, Cheers =)

edmund sprinkled with curry powders12:27 AM

* * * * * * * * *

* Monday, September 06, 2004 *

i have finished my QM n my stats work! haha. so proud of myself! although i didnt know how to do 1 qn. oh bahhh this sounds boring.


ln.. congrats on ur first post! haha.
got one teensy request though.. anna, any way to change the colour of the divider thingy between posts? sorrie i cant see it clearly la.. im cock eye, wat to do? sigh~~

and regarding the colour-coordinated outfits, i totally agree with edmund that we will get marked if we turn up in pink and walk around the whole school! wahahaaa. maybe red la. not pink. haha.

love lotsssss...

jiahuiiii sprinkled with curry powders12:53 AM

* * * * * * * * *

* Sunday, September 05, 2004 *

hey peeps.

Back from my haircut.It's HORRENDOUS.

It's super short.when i say short, i mean SHORT!

Freaking short.

arggggghhhhhhhh =(

Ok i need you guys to be tactful and don't laugh at me when you see me.I'm already traumatised as is it now.IT"S DAMN DAMN SHORT!

Please don't laff and give comments, unless it's good.haha.Flattery won't kill you but sarcasm will definitely hurt you!I'll inflict the same pain as i'm experiencing now!

+evil laugh+

Ok, LN: what happen?maybe she's just busy?Umm give it some time okie? I mean, she needs to adjust and stuffs.Well, that's as much as i will say.

Jiahui: what colour thingy?

Ed:My hair is HORRIBLE. Pls dun make me feel worse.

.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders10:29 PM

* * * * * * * * *

Hi ya ppl,

Sorry ah, just receive the invite nia... Wah, finally a good place for me to unload my crap.... muahahaha... so sorry to y'all, y'all are gonna have to tahan me nonsense!!! Muahahahaha...

Y'all ah, dunno how to appreciate Corrine May (save for JH, thanx for the intro...) Wah lau eh, she rocks lah! Her voice make me wanna steam whenever I hear it sia!!! :p

Btw, I thought I should share this with everyone, me and gf are officially on the rocks now man... Maye a long-D r'ship is really too difficult to maintain... Today (5th Sept) is her birthday. Incidentally, it is also our 4th yr anniversary. It being such an important day, I happily wanted to be the first to wish her a happy birthday and a happy anniversary... Alas, it was not meant to be...

I called from 11.30pm to 1am
She never picked up
Handphone, room phone
She never picked up
I went for drinks
Yet she still hasn't called
Till now
'Nuff said...

So tolong, for the time being, dun mention about gf to me hor... It will really help... Thanks guys...

Stats sucks... BGS sucks... Analytical Skills project sucks... only calculus and CT still got hope... Thank god for y'all, if not I will surely go insane by week 8...

I leave you with a song by Robbie Williams - It's Only Us, a song he sang for a Fifa Soccer video game some years back...

They want us to grow up
But we don't want to get a job
We all need a decent rock
Where it's all kicking off

Baby it's alright
Baby it's alright
You don't need to cause a fuss
Baby it's alright
Baby it's alright
It's only us

We're just after cheaper thrills
Since the price went up on pills
From Stoke-On-Trent to Beverly Hills
We know it's all kicking off

Baby it's alright
Baby it's alright
You don't need to cause a fuss
Baby it's alright
Baby it's alright
It's only us

It's only us
Well it's all kicking off

Baby it's alright
Baby it's alright
You don't need to cause a fuss
Baby it's alright
Baby it's alright
It's only us

It's only us


Blue Nanchakus sprinkled with curry powders8:46 PM

* * * * * * * * *

Wah.. pls don't cut too short... hahaha... u look fine now...

i think if 5 wear pink.. .confirm kena mark liao... lolz

anyway.. MA Quiz... i dunno why only 5% but i mugging like mad... sianz...

edmund sprinkled with curry powders5:18 PM

* * * * * * * * *

Hello people!

What are you guys doing this Sunday? =)

Haha.I had a wonderful time yesterday at East Coast and 85!Haha.The stingray there rocks.Of cuz RAY rocks more.Anyway, i miss you guys.Feel weird right?

But i think it's because i see you guys all the time that i miss you all!Haha.Oh well!Guess what?I'm gonna cut my hair today.I only told you guys as i want it to be a asurprise!

Ok,this may sound very bimbotic but I"M SO SCARED!Freaking out now!I mean my hair's so long and i'm gonna cut it short but i don't know if i have the guts to do so.Scully i get cold feet.Bleah~

Anyway, remember our plan of wearing the same colour shirt on one day?

Let's vote.

1) Pink Polo tee
2) any red thingy


I think the pink polo thing is cool cuz guys somehow look cute in that.But oh well,you guys are cute in anything right?Just like me and Jh is forever chio..So ray,no other veges for you!!*eveil laughter*

Okies, gonna watch movie and cut my hair.*muacks*

Take care..Oh,wher's Ln??

Best Of Friends sprinkled with curry powders1:51 PM

* * * * * * * * *

* Saturday, September 04, 2004 *

hey hey!!

firstly, kudos to anna for creating this blog!

secondly, great hi to ppl reading this blog! (meaning the 5 of us!)

thirdly, im excited/honoured/happy/(fill-in-the-blank) to be here!

fourthly, i know im being cranky and irritating but thanx for reading anyway!

fifthly, i gotta go do my assignments now!


love lotsssssssss

jiahuiiii sprinkled with curry powders9:10 PM

* * * * * * * * *

Woot.......... cool site yah........ My first post in here. Feel so excited. Wahaha....... Anyway i was really taken aback when Anna started this. Haha...... Kudos to her for using her time and effort on this blog.

Anyway nothing much to say on my first post. Just use this blog as a means to keep in contact with each other.

One more point to add. I WANT MORE VEGI IN OUR CIRCLE. Wahahaha......... I need someone to spend my weekend. Wakaka.......


~~Ray~~ sprinkled with curry powders8:01 PM

* * * * * * * * *

i'm going cambodia dudes. to save the irrawaddy dolphins. wahahhaa. 18 days of 3rd world living. I rock. what can a toad do to save dolphins?

Ask not what the dolphins can do for you, but what you can do for the dolphins.

Better than some sai kang (literally!!) in Yunnan. I think i'm one of the few guys crazy enough to sign up for it. Man, but will be back in time for X'mas, woohoo!!... back 18th Dec. Ahhh... either i'm stupid dumb or crazy or both. Both.

I shall not flame curry powders anymore, even if i'm laughing out loud inside. The past week has been a sign to me that if i continue, curry powder god will torture me more. bruise here, cut here, then durian allergy out of nowhere? dun play play. mother never teach u all not to play with cully hoon right? wahahaa...

Edmund, out

Best Of Friends sprinkled with curry powders7:33 PM

* * * * * * * * *

hey my dears! ^_^

Guess what?I figured since me jh and ray are already avid bloggers, and we need an avenue to discuss stuffs, an online blog is good for us to catch up!

Ln and Ed, i know you guys don't blog but please make an effort okies?

What do you guys think?

Best Of Friends sprinkled with curry powders5:36 PM

* * * * * * * * *

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