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* Friday, October 29, 2004 *

hey hey i miss sentosa too.. did i term that as exercising? sounds bimbotic eh.. i thought i said suntanning is a great form of relaxation.. the exercising part os the beach soccer n beach volley whattt.. haiz these few days been really busy for everybody i guess. except for anna who still has the time to go shopping after school and go mambo on wed rite?? lucky gal..

ed> u wanna go different YEPs every yr? u gotta be super rich la.. cos if u go for ur first YEP, it'll be subsidised by SIF but for subsequent YEPs, u'll have to bear the full cost which can amount to $1000+++ per trip unless u are the organiser/facilitator/sth like that. tt's partly the reason why people who went for one YEP dont usually go for their 2nd or 3rd YEP.. the cost is really quite steep, unless u can find another "sponsor".. my first trip was with Rotary Club so i still can make use of SIF if i wanna go next yr or sth.. maybe u all can approach Rotary Club ba..

anna> nah im not clubbing anytime soon.. no time no energy no $$$$. i got meeting on sunday at 10am eh.. then may have ltb at 1pm.. im dying la someone save me pls. last nite i was in school till almost midnight due to FA meeting. grp with xr no joke la.. he's so smart i feel inadequate n like a "burden" to his progress eh. haiz. im no good in FA.

jiahuiiii sprinkled with curry powders4:09 PM

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* Thursday, October 28, 2004 *

eh what the hell!!i blogged but the stupid page refused to load and everything i blog is gone.ta ma de.


eh people..how are you guys?i havent seen all of you for so long. i think the last time i see ray and ln was monday. jh and ed, i haven seen you two since the party rite?haha.

oh well.wat to do.anyway, i miss sentosa. i miss playing there and lazing around (what jh terms as exercising!!!)

anyway, you guys wana go zouk this sat?

and yeah take care..and *muacks*

.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders10:07 PM

* * * * * * * * *

haha. i also want to go YEP!haha..but too bad la.maybe next year..eh how come u two dun have to sell food and vouchers?haha..wher's ur fundraising?!

anyway.. i miss sentosa.argh. and i miss you guys, i think the last time i see ray and ln was monday while i have not seen jh and ed since sat. oh my my.

guess wat? tmr i have to stay in scholl till ten plus to do a night trail.hope it'll be fun.wahaha..


.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders9:48 PM

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* Wednesday, October 27, 2004 *

oh yeah, that was why i went to YEP too... to taste a different kind of life. i know very well i will never have the energy to go for this sort of stuff when i grad. maybe different YEPs each yr with overseas attachment.

time to do work. haha, 1.30am... i'm going nuts

edmund sprinkled with curry powders1:33 AM

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* Tuesday, October 26, 2004 *

Yo peepz.......

Been a while since ive blogged here. Finally a breather for me as some of the stuff that had been weighing on me is gone now. Woot...... The assignments and projects left are not more or less under control.

Hmm...... Probably like Ed...... Im going to Cambodia for YEP but different from Ed's. Somehow or rather i got a chance to speak to Ed's friend; May on msn and thats how this opportunity came about. All along right from the start im so interested into YEP especially the Yunnan one however i thought its gonna be heavy commitment for that thus didnt really applied for it.

The main reason for me to YEP is probably the kind of exposure i would like myself to experience. At the same time, theres lotsa pluses point to it lah like making friends, getting to see hows it like in overseas, experience the culture and such......

I given it lotsa thought actually coz theres some kinda dilenma. Hahaha..... Coz im the one that jio ya guys to Bangkok and now im backing off from it. In fact, i feel very sorry to ya guys especially Anna, we more or less confirm liaoz then now this. But i just felt that i wanna do this YEP thing as its sorta like my dreams or idealism. For im one person that wanna get exposed to different things in life. I dont know when this kinda chance will come dropping from the sky again therefore my difficult decision.

Anyway im just like informing ya guys in advance as its not 100% confirm yet......... There might still be a chance where im heading for the Land Of Smile.......

Geez....... A few more weeks to our examination and then its party time hur hur.......

~~Ray~~ sprinkled with curry powders6:04 PM

* * * * * * * * *

are u guys feeling tired?

i believe everyone is. this kind of tiredness quite difficult to explain.

i want to go Cambodia fast. and come back to slack for 2 straight wks... i dowan to know what's going to happen after that... so say we celebrate X'mas together?

ar happy thoughts. to negate what we're all going thru right now. =)

edmund sprinkled with curry powders11:29 AM

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* Wednesday, October 20, 2004 *

eh u all ah!! post something lei.. i see this page den always no new posts..ray jiahuI!!!

hahaha..anyway,...my FA group is seriously fucked up.


.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders8:56 PM

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* Tuesday, October 19, 2004 *

remember this pic?haha..

.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders1:08 AM

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* Monday, October 18, 2004 *

Anna, your birthday leh, how can dun go? :p


Blue Nanchakus sprinkled with curry powders1:22 PM

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* Sunday, October 17, 2004 *

Us...Happiee bday ed =)

.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders1:31 PM

* * * * * * * * *

* Saturday, October 16, 2004 *

Hey people

Are you guys coming next week? here are the details!

Date: 23 oct, satuday
Time: 630 pm
my add: 84 jalan daud, windy heights,#04-01
it's a condo near Kembangan mrt

I need to confirm the no of ppl..So,pls tell me before wed if you are coming and what time ok?=p

love you guys!
anna vanessa

.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders11:00 PM

* * * * * * * * *

* Friday, October 15, 2004 *

yes tmr on ah? 6pm at somerset mrt okiez.

yes i heard that the usa thingy need to pay a lot. but my friend told me she has a friend who went for it, worked as a waiter there n brought back $3k after converting to sing dollar man.. see how ba.

anna. u keep saying don want to club le but everytime u also say u wanna club. ahahh. its a double edged thingy la. clubbing. u can enjoy urself. but u also end up jaded.

till tmr~

jiahuiiii sprinkled with curry powders8:54 PM

* * * * * * * * *

hey people...

so tmr on ah??hahahaha.

1) i don't think i am going for the USA thingy
cuz u must pay 1.5k for the stuffs, excluding 2k for airfare and visa..that;s way too much money la..i dun think i want to go alr..the experience is not worth is la..as in u can just stay there..with the money~

2) i'm so sick of clubbing.

i think i outgrew clubbing.hahhaa.i went to club yesterday with Cow, Leonard, wilson and another guy..and i couldn't get high at all. i cannot dance and just stoning away. I did have a good time cuz of them..but i am just so sian of clubbing. it's like i look at the other SMU girls dancing and i was like... "that is so immature and so wasted...". I know it's judgemental but i cant help but feel that way.

hahaha..tell u guys more~~

.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders4:11 PM

* * * * * * * * *

* Wednesday, October 13, 2004 *

Hey Anna, I will be there, so I not square...kekekeke...

JH, sorry about lunch today, lealli too many mtg le...

On a side note... Radio Academy is fun! Except that yesterday, when we were doing breathing techniques, Mark Richmond (Yes ladies... THE Mark Richmond...) told us when we breathe in, think of something we love... I am weak, the first thing that came to my mind was my ex...

SiGh... Where is the love man...


Blue Nanchakus sprinkled with curry powders5:36 PM

* * * * * * * * *

* Monday, October 11, 2004 *

Ray!! Me and you go watch....


edmund sprinkled with curry powders6:06 PM

* * * * * * * * *

hey people...





haha.ok but seriously..we gonna watch WHITE CHICKS. If not can go watch MY COOL GUY. i heard it's good la..tho i dun like to watch Korean/Jap shows..and love shows..but ray and Ed watched alr..so maybe we 3 watch white chicks den u all watch sth else..hahahhaa...

( This is so LTB!)


-which location you guys want
-whether you guys are serious
-i read the thing, they said they accept group,so can try to aim.
-lastly,the deadline is 20th oct so must chop chop
note to ED: can you borrow the brochures from your friend so that we all can share and discuss?

2) Free on 23 OCT?

It's my bday and i may be celebrating at my house. I just want a simple dinner,nothing frivolous la. If you guys are free then come together. If not, then i will ask my other friends or LTB mates. Haha.

BTW JH: It's the place to get hitched cuz my friends are mostly guys. HAha. and RAY LN..can get to know more Easties..


Let's spend time together and forget all about mid-terms and cast our worries away. Wana come over play mahjong?just a suggestions.

Lastly i will like to say..i know all of you are stressed..in fact i think i'm the only one w/o mid-terms and tt's why i've been going out partying everyday...

so all four of you...relax take a deep breaths and dun stress yourselves too much.it's not everything la...ok?


.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders1:20 AM

* * * * * * * * *

* Sunday, October 10, 2004 *

i wanna go too.. drop me the details pls.. thx!

jiahuiiii sprinkled with curry powders4:24 PM

* * * * * * * * *

me too me too... next june go usa... shiok shiok... can go sign up still?

edmund sprinkled with curry powders2:30 AM

* * * * * * * * *

* Saturday, October 09, 2004 *

Eh i confirm want.......

Please drop me the details.........

Thanks thanks.......

~~Ray~~ sprinkled with curry powders4:19 PM

* * * * * * * * *


I'm so glad that i read posts today=)

Ok! LN just go for the thing la.You go people talk,you don't go..people also talk. Might as well go and get 500 bucks free..haha..* grins*

aiya..people talk about you..i go kill them ok?haha..i kaobei them for you..wahhaa..i'm feeling sick now.cuz i;m sick.Cranky irritable and weirdly happy.

Haha.how's Chomp chomp yesterday?fun i guess?

And yesh..i was saying....Thailand trip?i'm ok with you guys..make the decisions ok?and hey..why the sudden mention of it? and yesh!! i want to go overseas..but i need money. anyone want to share money with me?haha...

Let's set up the SAVE ANNA FUND (SAF)!!! yeay!!

And another thing..i mite be going for the USA thingy with eileen.she asked me to go see see..so yup..that's ur reply LN!

Haha..and i've been feeling out of sorts cuz of my ...ex-crush.He's in SMU now and i just realised it. I really don;t know how to feel or react. Thing is..nothing (much) happened between us!!! But i feel so lost and sad. argh.. i dread school..i don't wana see him..i've been losing sleep cuz at nite i keep thinking about him..weird uh?

and yesh on the subject of relationships. Ln..me and jiahui were saying that can see that you're not in a good mood. is there anything we can make u feel better? Hmm..it sucks la.that's why i say heck relationship and let's all be swinging single.

I'm really tired of these relationship shits and blahs.I feel so drained. You guys noe what i mean? i don't usually say this la..but yeah...So LN..i hope we can help you go past this difficult times together,ya? And tell you sth. My fren just broke up with his gf for 6 years..and cuz of a third party also. what is the world coming to?

yeah..that's all and pls keep the post fast and furious. I miss you guys. I miss the times at Sentosa, the times we went chomp together..the times we sneak in a time to go Adam's despite our hectic schedule. I miss all those times and i wish we can recreate them. i don't know la..but i just feel strange today...

yeah i just miss the laughters w/o worry. The genuine happiness from all of us. not bogged down by project and work and emotional mess. But then again, we go thru shit together..so that we can get closer,rite?

Love all of u!*grins*

.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders2:27 PM

* * * * * * * * *

Yo peepz...

I know y'all are planning for the Thailand trip and arrrrggghhh, it's really killing me inside man. Coz I know I cfm cannot go one. I just went in April only, and I had to pay my own way then. I doubt my parents gonna sponsor this time around either, esp considering I just went this year! Arrrrrgghh... why didn't I meet y'all earlier...

Well to make up for it, there is a work and travel thing to the US that Norman alerted me about. In the summer apparently there's this programme to work and travel in the US available for all tertiary students. I think it's a great opportunity, good to put in CV also... :p Anyone up for it?


Blue Nanchakus sprinkled with curry powders1:51 PM

* * * * * * * * *

ln, dun worry lah... lotsa pple like to tlak alot of bullshit to harm others, draw attention blah blah blah.

they sent u there for a reason, and just prove urself out there loh, then all cfm will diam diam one. lan lan suck thumb also got stress cos die die must succeed.

need someone to kao pei to can find us. haha...

edmund sprinkled with curry powders1:49 AM

* * * * * * * * *

* Friday, October 08, 2004 *

Hmm....... After enjoying this one week break......

Really looking forward to the one month break now........ Wahaha........

Actually looking more forward to the Bangkok trip....... Coz my family going Japan to visit my Bro....... My mum asked me whether i wanna go or not.......

Haha....... I rejected her down flat...... Ok im a bit crazy........ I rather go Bangkok than Japan. I feel a bit "pai seh" for my mum to pay for the Japan trip. Then i sounded her out to sponsor a bit for my Bangkok trip. Though she said no but i guessed i could somehow made her changed the decision. Wahahahaha........

So more or less, im set to go this December. I dont know about ya guys but im like 85% onz liaoz....... Really liked to meet up with my old pals there. Woot.... Gonna be darn fun....... If ya guys joining me, could bring ya guys around........

Mugger mode for now till all the way after exam........

~~Ray~~ sprinkled with curry powders11:09 PM

* * * * * * * * *

Hey people...

Guilty of not posting here for such a long time... Term break really like not term break sia... got so many things happening...

Here are the current things that are bugging me:

1) Chionging
Piangz, really gotta stop chionging man, even my aunt kao peh liao... kekeke... And I gotz to stop drinking man, I'm getting sick of alcohol...

2) Mood
Truth is I ain't in a very good mood recently and I'm sure it is pretty apparent. That's pretty much coz my ex got xin huan oredi. A but like record timing man... makes me think sometimes the 4 yrs meant nothing coz I'm so easy to forget. Cest La Vie...

3) BE
I'm only saying this becoz I trust you guys and I hope y'all dun spread this around. I'm afraid that it might coz animosity with the other BE ppl, especially with the Campus Radio DJs. Yesterday I was told be Zhizai from BE exco that they wanna send me to Radio Academy next week. I was like shocked because a) I'm not even a DJ with Campus Radio and I flunked the interview and b) there are a lot more qualified ppl than me to go.

Now you can imagine if word leaks out what kind of animosity it's gonna create. If I'm a campus radio DJ I sure kaopeh like siao, how come someone who's not even doing DJing in campus radio gets to go and I don't. Frankly, I still dunno why they want me to go, but if y'all were me I'm sure y'all would grab the opportunity to go with both hands as well... People pay $500 you pay nothing!

This ain't even the whole story man, coz after they offered me the place, another exco member voiced out his concern about me promising to do stage mgt for Stageit for their musical at the end of the year and whether I can commit to the cause. I'm like what, am I being a victim of my own success? I didn't ask to go for the course, and now it's like a time bomb of sorts... imagine next time if I put more time in for Stageit then someone from BE gg to kaopeh and say last time shouldn't have sent me for the radio course... I wonder if I'm making sense here but damn... this thing is really bugging me... The worse part is that there seems to be a higher circle of power which I cannot see... and that kinda scares me...

These are shady times indeed....


PS: Anyone still posting in the planetcrush forums?

Blue Nanchakus sprinkled with curry powders1:13 PM

* * * * * * * * *

* Thursday, October 07, 2004 *

hey how come no one post here anymore??!!

.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders4:36 PM

* * * * * * * * *

* Sunday, October 03, 2004 *

Hey peeps.

Haven been updating this blog for so long!! HAha. I finally finished my FA and week 8 has arrived.YEAY!!

Ok am on a high now after the supper with LN and RAy!

Anyway..let's go out one of these days! haahaa when are you all free? Movies? MAhjong?act my house alot of VCDS la...can come and watch also.hahaa..i miss talking cock to you guys.hahaha..

very tired.but def v excited,YEeehhaaaaa

.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders2:35 AM

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