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* Wednesday, June 15, 2005 *

Hey girl,

Ok lah, from your post it's quite impossible to tell what's really troubling you, but oh well, maybe tell us more over bak chor mee and stingray over the weekend? Edmund organizing this time, hope he has better luck than me.

And you know how we guys are with advise over problems. Girls will tell you all the time that everything will be ok, which is quite nice sometimes (Anna, this is where you come in hor). We guys? We're different. We'll give you actual solutions. But hey, the 3 of us are killer salesmen (Anna said this before... ), we have a penchant of making problems seem like there's no problem at all eh? So there, one supper, I guarantee your problem *jang jang jang* disappear faster than I can change parade! (I was my company's change parade champion hor...)

In the meantime, play this game to destress... my longest is 20sec... who can beat me?

Eh Ed, dun read read then dun post leh. Since you so zuo boh lan, post leh...

Now Tao Hua Yun very pop hor? *hint hint* ;)


Blue Nanchakus sprinkled with curry powders11:59 AM

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