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* Thursday, June 09, 2005 *

Hey guys,

You know seeing how we all so looking forward to go China and all, and I was SUPER bored at work, so I did the unimaginable. To improve my Chinese, I translated 50 cent's IN DA CLUB for your reading pleasure. And as much as I am aghast to admit, I actually enjoyed doing it! Hahaha... I think I did a pretty good job, but please don't flame me, coz sometimes it's difficult as hell to understand ghetto/rap language. I hope this tickles you, maybe you'll have your own fun translating your own song too!

(You can reference this link for the English lyrics and compare)

You can download the word doc here.

*Snigger* terok right?


Blue Nanchakus sprinkled with curry powders3:57 PM

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