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* Sunday, June 12, 2005 *

hey peeps..

hope everyone's feeling well and dandy. those who are attached, thou ur gals r not in sg now, hope u're still happy. those gg to be attached (or look as if u're gg to be attached), i hope u're having a good time too...

well, i spent some me-time this weekend and i realised that after sweating it out and doing some therepeautic impulse buying, i'm feeling kind of rejuvenated. hahahaa..


i've been feeling like i'm in some kind of a dilemma now.. looking at the tangle of things i've left behind, i'm beginning to feel more and more unsure of myself. to think i used to be so confident of myself last time. hah.
and having really weird dreams dont really help either.

p.s. LN.. that was simply HILARIOUS. do a translation for P.I.M.P when u're free!

hoping everyone's happy,

jiahuiiii sprinkled with curry powders11:35 PM

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