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* Monday, May 16, 2005 *

Woah! i dint know this blog so happening, like it got revived during the hols. HAHAHAHA.
anyway i am workign now. sibei sian. HAHAA. really damn sian. i dint know working so tiring one lei. and the bloody gay manager, even worse. TMD. hahaha. eh see la. i mix with you all become damn vulgar. last time i shu nu ok?

HAHAHAA. yikeees. anyway. i think i will work for a month or 1.5 den quit liaoz. i cant stand it lei. HAHAH i mean, like damn tmd hiong. and i miss my freeeeedom. i wanna meet my friends and catch up,go watch movie, mahjong club eat sleep.

And how abt chengdu? wat's the verdict ah? HAHAH
i am borrred. and yes LN, i love both song lei! hahaha. i mean mariah carey's one. HAHAHAHA

but current addiction is still hollaback girrrrlll.


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