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* Wednesday, November 24, 2004 *

Yup, this fri i'll still have that ride. Mesa wanna party and drink till the cows belch... mesa wanna live life like a goonz. (at least until sch starts again...UGARGHKK!!)...

it's true. tip of the iceberg. top of the the leaf pile. first bite of ice kachang.

we're in for a whole load of shit... and it never stops.

True to what is prophesized... we are SAD FUCKS...

Think about it really deeply. There are 100014092184091824 reasons for us to be SAD FUCKS.

at least we know we are when we are. others just deceive themselves.

to be as juvenile as one can be... SFC RULEZZZZZZ BRUDDERRR>...RESPECT!... hahahahahahahahahahahahaa

edmund sprinkled with curry powders10:53 PM

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