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* Tuesday, November 09, 2004 *

Hey ppl,

Actually I wrote one entire round but when I click publish cheebye the whole disappeared! Damn microsoft!!!

Anyway I must admit to being guilty of not blogging here. It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks for me, BE, Stageit, school tour, Hubbies for Hire, projects, presentations... Wheeew.... but now it's kinda like the calm after the storm le... Left BGS presentation, but fri should settle liao...

Speaking of BGS... KNN man, I've been getting some unwanted attention... There's this girl in BGS called Nat and recently I've been toking to her on MSN... Also went to watch Jackie Chan and Ladder 49 with her. Then just lidat, CCB, yesterday go out with some BGS ppl, kena tease like mad. I've been called so many things sia... scandal, spare tyre... the latter is becoz she just broke up with her bf... CB like secondary school lidat sia... *pttuuuii*... One word... CHILDISH... Sheesh...

Eh how, wednesday going out mah? Last I heard was dinner and chiong... I dunno whether I can make it for dinner, might be stuck doing lights at Kallang Theatre. But chiong I will sure join y'all... But where?

I think Fri is quite a lesson for all of us eh? The 5 of us (plus Huiying of course) so long nebber come together, but when we do, it was soooo fun! I was just telling Anna that day, might be becoz we hardly have chance to meet, and when we do, we treasure each others' company more that's why. Not that when we dun treasure the company when we meet often, just that absence makes the heart grow fonder, even for friends.

Ok ok... that's it for now, stop raining le... See y'all tomolo!


Blue Nanchakus sprinkled with curry powders3:39 PM

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