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* Friday, October 29, 2004 *

hey hey i miss sentosa too.. did i term that as exercising? sounds bimbotic eh.. i thought i said suntanning is a great form of relaxation.. the exercising part os the beach soccer n beach volley whattt.. haiz these few days been really busy for everybody i guess. except for anna who still has the time to go shopping after school and go mambo on wed rite?? lucky gal..

ed> u wanna go different YEPs every yr? u gotta be super rich la.. cos if u go for ur first YEP, it'll be subsidised by SIF but for subsequent YEPs, u'll have to bear the full cost which can amount to $1000+++ per trip unless u are the organiser/facilitator/sth like that. tt's partly the reason why people who went for one YEP dont usually go for their 2nd or 3rd YEP.. the cost is really quite steep, unless u can find another "sponsor".. my first trip was with Rotary Club so i still can make use of SIF if i wanna go next yr or sth.. maybe u all can approach Rotary Club ba..

anna> nah im not clubbing anytime soon.. no time no energy no $$$$. i got meeting on sunday at 10am eh.. then may have ltb at 1pm.. im dying la someone save me pls. last nite i was in school till almost midnight due to FA meeting. grp with xr no joke la.. he's so smart i feel inadequate n like a "burden" to his progress eh. haiz. im no good in FA.

jiahuiiii sprinkled with curry powders4:09 PM

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