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* Tuesday, September 07, 2004 *

Forgive me guys, I need to kao peh about this stupid girl I have to work with for me Analytical Skills Project... Curry powder can be bad... until you meet this sng buay man...

Fucked up lah... and I'm not going to make any effort to sensor it... Stupid beyotch... We've been dragging on settling on our topic thanks to her... Last week we meet liao tot settle liao, then this stupid beyotch say wan to change. Fucked up, then lidat meet for what? Ok fine... so I tried to help coordinate and ask the others... KNN the others also fucked up, keep ding dong here and there... CCB!!!

Never mind, today after AS class ask them again to settle on the topic... this beyotch never give suggestion then keep saying this one dowan that one dowan... Then out of nowhere suddenly say," Aiyah y'all decide lah, I anything one, I got to do my other project now..." Then turned away and worked on her laptop... KNNBCCB... Eh, sng buay, YOU GOT OTHER PROJECT LIM PEH DUN HAVE AH!!! Si peh rude leh! Ppl trying to discuss now right? Ni nao hia, complain so much dowan to gibe suggestion then wan to do your own project, wan me to hantam ijjit... Aku sepak eng ka kau...

*Whew* Suddenly feel this blog quite a good sounding board ah...


Blue Nanchakus sprinkled with curry powders11:26 AM

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