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* Tuesday, September 07, 2004 *

Hi peepz, i just came back to my home!

woke up 7am today... so... i clocked more than 17hrs liao
i'm amazed by my energy levels.

LN> aiyah, endure... wahaha... i think u're just unlucky... but remember... *always look on the bright side of life... *... *whistles*....

6 hrs a day, 7 days a wk. pls gimme the strength to carry on. i hope u guys have the strength too... Dec Hols we party like mad ok? that's our reward... but after 18 dec hor. cos i going to cambodia. wahahhaa... save some party time for me ok?

Meanwhile, let's mug!!! and hope for a better tmr (long term: better future)

Take Care, Cheers =)

edmund sprinkled with curry powders12:27 AM

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