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* Thursday, September 09, 2004 *

wow, today had an AS meeting. it was maciam a debate session. haha... everyone talking... pretty like the fiery verbal attacks at one another. must be mediator to point them to the right direction though. if not will kill each other liao.

MAN... i need a break... i need to go out of the house... eat good food and play mahjong or whatever crap... go east coast to feel the sea breeze or something. i'll go nuts soon.

Biz Law, BGS, and the CT thingy... killing me... my brains are racking everyday on a BLANK SLATE. and guess what, it's still blank!... wonder if i can be awarded some points for managing to crap on my blank state slate.

Hhaa, another time to crap.

edmund sprinkled with curry powders11:48 PM

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