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* Sunday, September 12, 2004 *

my friend just told me that she dropped out of school le. someone from my og. i am indeed quite shocked, although she has told me that she was thinking of dropping out of school. but now that she has really quit school.. i cant accept it initially. that was abt 20 mins ago. i was like "stop kidding".. it took me some time for the seriousness of the message to sink in..

and im saddened by the news. she's a really great person. someone who listens really well, gives good advice and looks out for lost sheep like me. really sppreciated her efforts n enjoyed her company during pow wow and all our subsequent og activities. i'm sure gonna miss her.

i feel like crying leh. dunoe exactly why. partly is because of her and partly is because of something else that i cant fathom. its just a sudden surge of emotions n a sudden urge to cry u know?
maybe its just pms.

jiahuiiii sprinkled with curry powders1:45 AM

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