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* Friday, September 10, 2004 *

hey peepz..

i finally went to see a doc abt my leg. its safely in a wrap now. haha sounds like a sandwich no? anw i can take off the wrap by tmr evening so u wont, WONT catch me in school looking like a bai ka. haha.
oh yah, the best guess the docs gave was la1 dao4 gen1.. they cant really deduce also. lemme relate something funny.

doc: *massages n prods* here pain? there pain?
me: no.. no.. YES!
doc: where is the pain?
me: my leg lor.. *points out the exact area*
doc: is muscle pain or bone pain?
me: *gives bewildered look* huh? i dunoe?

oh well it was comical. like one chicken n one duck talking.
and i was given orders to stay off all sports for at least the next 1 - 2 weeks. ahh.

now can i complain abt sth else? u guessed it.. QM!
bahhh. im feeling dumb over it. apparently the help session didnt help me much! bahhh. sighhh~
mid terms coming.. work hard dearies.

love lotsssssss~

jiahuiiii sprinkled with curry powders11:36 PM

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