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* Sunday, September 05, 2004 *

hey peeps.

Back from my haircut.It's HORRENDOUS.

It's super short.when i say short, i mean SHORT!

Freaking short.

arggggghhhhhhhh =(

Ok i need you guys to be tactful and don't laugh at me when you see me.I'm already traumatised as is it now.IT"S DAMN DAMN SHORT!

Please don't laff and give comments, unless it's good.haha.Flattery won't kill you but sarcasm will definitely hurt you!I'll inflict the same pain as i'm experiencing now!

+evil laugh+

Ok, LN: what happen?maybe she's just busy?Umm give it some time okie? I mean, she needs to adjust and stuffs.Well, that's as much as i will say.

Jiahui: what colour thingy?

Ed:My hair is HORRIBLE. Pls dun make me feel worse.

.+. aNnA .+. sprinkled with curry powders10:29 PM

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