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* Sunday, September 26, 2004 *

hey LN..

can i just start by saying that i dont think u've done anything wrong. i think what u did was so sweet too. it was really thoughtful and sweet, at least from what i read and what u told me.. yeah sometimes things r just not meant to be, even if its 4 years..

actually i dont know if "things are just not meant to be" is a good comment. im not good at giving advice, esp in the area of romance.. so i just let u know that u are not alone.. never alone. if u need a listening ear.. i cant guarantee good advice but if ever u need to just say something without any interruptions or sth like that, i'm always here. then again, if u need anything, i'm always here la =)
i believe u are strong n can handle this and all that.. just wanna tell u that i admire the way u handled yourself on fri..

stay cool..

jiahuiiii sprinkled with curry powders10:35 PM

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