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* Tuesday, September 07, 2004 *

hmmm just came back from my marcomm meeting and guess what i saw on the train? curry powder with potato! and its male cp and female potato. and the curry powder is the black kind u know? the ones u see in curry powder land. i was quite surprised!
oh no i shouldnt be so mean right? but i dont mean anything bad la, just that i've never seen that kinda r'ships before and since we are all lovers of curry powder, i just thought i'd share this with u all!

anna> there are like little pale yellow stars dividing posts.. just tt its not very clear. but i don tink its possible to change tt rite? since they come with the template and all that..
ln> take it easy dude.. bound to meet ppl like this one..
ray> i just talked to liqin today! hahaa.. so qiao.
edmund> im looking for ptbf le! hahaa. kidding..

hmmm really thank goodness for u peepz.. if nt i would have gone insane by now! *mUaKz* =p

jiahuiiii sprinkled with curry powders1:13 PM

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