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* Sunday, September 05, 2004 *

Hello people!

What are you guys doing this Sunday? =)

Haha.I had a wonderful time yesterday at East Coast and 85!Haha.The stingray there rocks.Of cuz RAY rocks more.Anyway, i miss you guys.Feel weird right?

But i think it's because i see you guys all the time that i miss you all!Haha.Oh well!Guess what?I'm gonna cut my hair today.I only told you guys as i want it to be a asurprise!

Ok,this may sound very bimbotic but I"M SO SCARED!Freaking out now!I mean my hair's so long and i'm gonna cut it short but i don't know if i have the guts to do so.Scully i get cold feet.Bleah~

Anyway, remember our plan of wearing the same colour shirt on one day?

Let's vote.

1) Pink Polo tee
2) any red thingy


I think the pink polo thing is cool cuz guys somehow look cute in that.But oh well,you guys are cute in anything right?Just like me and Jh is forever chio..So ray,no other veges for you!!*eveil laughter*

Okies, gonna watch movie and cut my hair.*muacks*

Take care..Oh,wher's Ln??

Best Of Friends sprinkled with curry powders1:51 PM

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