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* Saturday, September 04, 2004 *

i'm going cambodia dudes. to save the irrawaddy dolphins. wahahhaa. 18 days of 3rd world living. I rock. what can a toad do to save dolphins?

Ask not what the dolphins can do for you, but what you can do for the dolphins.

Better than some sai kang (literally!!) in Yunnan. I think i'm one of the few guys crazy enough to sign up for it. Man, but will be back in time for X'mas, woohoo!!... back 18th Dec. Ahhh... either i'm stupid dumb or crazy or both. Both.

I shall not flame curry powders anymore, even if i'm laughing out loud inside. The past week has been a sign to me that if i continue, curry powder god will torture me more. bruise here, cut here, then durian allergy out of nowhere? dun play play. mother never teach u all not to play with cully hoon right? wahahaa...

Edmund, out

Best Of Friends sprinkled with curry powders7:33 PM

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